A downloadable game

In the world of Eomro, four factions: Fire, Air, Water, and Earth, are vying for power. As a member of one of these factions, it is your job to lead it to victory. Along the way, you must build up you city, raise and command an army, and take control of the lands.

This game is played somewhat like a real-time strategy, but from the first person view. You are not only a leader, but a solider on the front lines. And to win, you must do well at both.


Move: WASD

Rotate View: Mouse

Command NPC to follow: Left Shift

Open village control HUD: Tab

Pause: Escape

That all being said, this game is definitely still in development. Many of the core mechanics, such as map generation and the GUI are fairly stable, many other items are not. Below is a summary (not necessarily all-inclusive) of what works (mostly), known places that need improvement, and future directions of the game.

Stable (ish) features:

  • Random map generation

  • Forest and building placement

  • GUI

  • Lighting (no shaders yet)

  • Resource management

  • Training Wizards

  • Building buildings

  • City growth

  • NPC Village self-control (stable, but potentially unintelligent)

  • Damage, health, magic points

Unstable features:

  • Physics works but is...odd

  • Walking

  • Lighting inside buildings

  • Starting a new game after quitting to main menu

  • Combat (your Wizards rarely attack properly, but enemies attack well)

  • Placing buildings and trees

Future Improvements:

  • Better texturing on trees, building, and NPCs

  • Better animation

  • More dynamic / revamped in game HUD

  • Re-mapping hotkeys

  • More trainable units and buildings

  • Better NPC self-control

In this program as I see it, there are few bugs. Just...very “Unintended Features”! (Haha!) Have fun playing at it, laugh at what does not work, and always feel free to leave me an “Unintended Feature Report.” (Screen shots are great if yo have them also!)

In all seriousness, I make no claim to the perfection of this program. I hope you all take is as a fun project and enjoy it as I do, but please know that it is still in development and not, of course, perfectly stable.

Lastly a challenge:.can you guess why the game is titled “The Adventures of Limping Dwarf” ? Feel free to post that and whatever aspects you find the funniest...I may keep them in an optional “Unintended Feature Mode” just for fun as I fix them later on!

Install instructions

To install, just unzip the “Eomro Wars.zip” file into the directory where you wish to make the install. Double click the Eomro Wars.jar file in the unzipped folder to run.

This game was written using Java 7. A download of Java is required to run the program. That being said, as long as you have Java working this game should run on any operating system.


Eomro Wars.zip 200 MB